Programs and Services

Programs and Services

Most academy services are free and designed to give young people a plan, a path and encouragement to achieve their dream of a career in science or technology.

Social Networking
Through Facebook, Twitter and the Academy blog, members can join a supportive community with like-minded students. Imagine thousands of future scientists and technologists collaborating together online and inspiring one another.

Getting into College
What makes one A student more attractive than another A student to a top-notch university? Become the strongest possible candidate through course planning and the extracurricular activities that matter most to your dream school.

Paying for College and Beyond
Learn the best ways to save and pay for college and graduate programs. Learn how to tap underutilized sources for scholarships and financial aid.

Leadership Training
Self-directed, online teaching modules help young high-achieving students build confidence, improve study skills, maximize time management, ramp up listening and speaking skills, increase likability andĀ fine-tune negotiating and problem solving abilities. A very popular benefit!

Guest Speakers and Live Video
Have access to a treasure trove of some of the most inspiring and informative talks and workshops for aspiring scientists and technologists.

These and other Academy programs and services will prepare students with the real-world survival skills that leaders need to succeed in the 21st century.