The Congress

Welcome to the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders

The Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders is an honors-only program designed to motivate and direct the top students in our country who aspire to be scientists, technologists, engineers, or mathematicians, and encourage them to stay true to their dream.

At the Congress, students will learn about state-of-the-art discoveries and will be inspired by world-changing researchers, futurists, and technologists. They will feel the transformative energy of being surrounded by thousands of young science-enthusiasts just like them: America’s best and brightest, the future of science and technology.

Congress delegates will begin long-term friendships with those who share their dreams and passion – other young people who want to make a difference in the world and devote their future to being part of the exponential advances in science and technology that never before could have been imagined.

Inspiring the young people at each Congress are luminaries of a wide variety of scientific fields as well as leaders of the profession from government and the public sector. Speakers include Nobel Prize winners, top scientific university deans, leaders in scientific research and cutting-edge technology, as well as leaders from private industry.

At NCU, our mission is to leverage advances in innovative technologies and educational models to provide high-quality, flexible, and affordable education programs so students can attain recognized degrees that advance their careers and improve their lives.

Our vision is to build the most affordable and accessible private university in the world. Given our mission and beliefs, we would like to help create a world in which no one is deprived of access to quality education.

Through the Congress and its National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists, our nation’s future STEM leaders, their parents, and their teachers receive extensive information and guidance from Academy educational programs, mentoring teleseminars, and a social network that connects young people to each other, as well as to science and technology professionals and academicians.

I hope you take advantage of all you can from the Congress. Welcome to the world of innovation, science, and technology.

Axely Congress
New Charter University