The Congress

Welcome from Our Science Director

I welcome you to the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders, to ready you for the fast-changing world of incredible challenge and unlimited opportunity.

I count on you to take on the mantle of leadership, pioneering new areas not even conceived of today, going beyond what is expected, and building coalitions to make things happen. With your skill, knowledge, passion, and imagination, you will make real what now seems like only a wish.

Science and technology touch every single area of modern life: from food and health, robotics, energy, and environment, to entertainment, from individual curiosity and fundamental science to international cooperation and competition. Our shared future depends on you.

“Your teachers will be winners of the Nobel Prize.”

This Congress will open your eyes, thoughts, and feelings through mentorship from the greatest minds in science and technology. You will hear and feel the meaning of success and failure, and gain the force to keep on going when others say it can’t be done. You will see astonishing discoveries and amazing inventions. You will forge friendships with new collaborators and join a community of leadership. You will gain the knowledge and acquire the skills you need to set your course and stay on track to reach your goals.

The Academy is dedicated to developing strong leaders through the experience of the Congress, and will stay with you after the event to help you along your path and keep you focused on what you want to do.  We look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about your plans, your successes, and what may seem to be obstacles.

I look forward to meeting you at the Congress in Boston in June!

John C. Mather, Ph.D.

Academy Science Director
Winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics